Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New to this whole blog "thing"!

Well lets see how this turns out! How do you sum up the last few years as a family and keep it from being a short novel??? No clue, so here is my attempt!

Anyone needing a thorough update on the lives of Rob, Sharon, Amber and our little you go!!! Rob is pedaling away at a full-time job, his schooling (senior year!!! YEAH!), and as most of you probably know, his band, Pristine Blue! Those of you who have not had the privilege of seeing this band in are sorely missing out!!! They are a truly talented group of guys playing at all the places that "accept" country music in the greater Portland area. I am so proud of Rob, it has always been a dream of his to play in a band and write music that people would listen to. They just finished up their first album which will be up for grabs sometime in April hopefully!! More to follow on that as I get news. If you are an out-of-towner then please email or call and come see one of their shows while your in town!!

Me...well, this last year I started doing childcare from our home to help get some of those ever-dreaded bills out of the way. While it has been rewarding and I love each of the children who come to my home everyday, I definitely look forward to the time when it can just be me and my own kids going out and about and discovering all the fun things around town that make being a kid so much fun! I am slowly but surely building an internet business and so I have been focusing a lot on that this last year. Really, really excited about that!! Most of my time though is spent being a full time mom to the two most beautiful little girls in the world. Amber and our newest little Paige. Being a mom is everything I always thought it would be but a little scary at the same time. Everything I say and do can affect the people they will become. I know you learn as you go and I can only do the best I know how!! I decided at the end of '07 that I needed to really focus on taking care of me a little bit more in 2008! I used to have so many interests and things that I was talented at and its crazy how fast you can lose sight of that stuff when you become a spouse and a mom. So...I loved to dance, I even coached high school dance team for 4 was something I loved and was quite good at. After some research I have decided to return to my old dance school which is conveniently located in Gresham and take some classes again to get reaquainted. After that...I'm thinkin' I am going to spread my wings a bit and go take some Latin dance classes, I am REALLY REALLY REALLY excited. If you don't know what I am talking about, watch Dancing With The Stars on ABC, the new season starts this next week!!! I used to know that saying "if you don't use it you lose it...." ya I am going to sing this year, I don't know what or where but I'm getting my vocals back. Rob was sweet enough to turn a song he wrote a few years ago into a duet which we recorded on his band's upcoming album. I have done some recording before, I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed it. So important to not lose sight of what makes you- you! So I am really looking forward to this next year.

A M B E R:

Amber is my almost 3 going on 10 year old!!! So funny, so smart. Everyday there is something new she amazes me with. She is such a sweet big sister to Paigey, this morning I walked into my bedroom where Paige had been sleeping, and I find Amber in my bed next to Paige, both on their dad's pillow and under the covers watching cartoons together!!! ;) Amber said "Look mom, matching girls!!!" Amber loves to play pretend and has such a huge and smart little imaginiation. Anything about princesses, ballerinas, Dora, oh and PINK....according to my little genius she is 4 and goes to "Pink" school. (And no she does not mean Pre-School. She wants to go to school that is Pink!!! I know, it totally sounds like something I would put her up to but the girl really does love pink all on her own!) As soon as she gets potty-trained we are going to put her in beginning ballet, if only she were naieve enough to be bribed. We are so blessed though to have such a beautiful and silly little creature in our family.

P A I G E:

Paige Madilyn decided to join us on November 7, 2007. What a change and an adjustment it was to become a parent of two!! But double the blessings. Paige is 4 months now, almost can roll over by herself, and smiles and talks to anyone or anything willing to look at her! While she loves her mom and dad, her heart truly belongs to her big sister! Her smiles are so big and sweet, but they become even bigger the second she sees Amber. As much as it saddens me that time is flying by us and Paige will soon grow past the baby stage, it is going to be so fun to watch her grow into her personality that already warms our hearts so much.

Well, I guess that is a good start. Thanks for checking in and we hope everything is well with everyone and their families.


Sharon, Rob, Amber and Paige-y!